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As a result, they became willing executioners of both the people and cultures they came to rule. Why is this review of such importance? All the kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate of Communism from to —the collectivization of farms, the dispossession and indiscriminate slaughter of the very proletariat in whose name the Communists professed to rule, the slave labor of the gulags, the horrendous tortures practiced by the cheka, the starvation genocide of 7 million people  in Ukraine—all these unspeakable crimes would never have taken place without Jewish money and heavy Jewish participation.

Countless history books have been written about the Bolshevik Revolution and its aftermath, many of them by Jews, without the slightest hint being given that international Jewry was in large part to blame for the carnage.

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This enormous deception persists to this day. Read it, and learn from it the shocking truth: that  Jews form a hostile elite  — an elite that can be very dangerous indeed to the people among whom they live.

The grim history of  the Soviet Union in the time of Lenin and Stalin stands as a stark reminder, a cautionary tale, of what could befall the Americans one day in the not too distant future. Now begins the last great revolution.

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By wresting political power for himself, the Jew casts off the few remaining shreds of disguise he still wears. The democratic plebeian Jew turns into the blood Jew and the tyrant of peoples. In a few years he will try to exterminate the national pillars of intelligence and, by robbing the peoples of their natural spiritual leadership, will make them ripe for the slavish lot of a permanent subjugation.

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The most terrible example of this is Russia. It is an intellectual tour de force, alternately muddled and brilliant, courageous and apologetic.

The successful peoples kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate the modern world, termed Mercurians, are urban, mobile, literate, articulate, and intellectually sophisticated.

Since Slezkine sees Jews as the quintessential Mercurians, he regards modernization as essentially a process of everyone becoming Jewish. His second group, which he calls Apollonians, is rooted in the land and in traditional agrarian cultures, and pierderea în greutate a plymouth-ului physical strength and warrior values.

Slezkine conceptualizes Mercurianism as a worldview, and therefore a matter of psychological choice, rather than as a set of psychological mechanisms, the most important of which is general intelligence. Slezkine views Judaism as one of many Mercurian cultures—peoples that dwell alone in Diasporas, living among strangers and often acting as economic middlemen: the Overseas Chinese, Indians, and Lebanese, and the Gypsies and Irish Travelers.

The Mercurians possess greater kin solidarity and internal cohesion than the people they live among; they are characterized kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate extended families and patriarchal social organization. So far, so good, although I would stress that the family organization of such groups derives more from the long-term adaptation to the culture areas they originate from than from an adaptation to the nomadic, middleman niche. After all, the Jews, as Slezkine shows, have repeatedly become an academic, intellectual, cultural, and economic elite in Western societies, while Gypsies have tended toward illiteracy and are at best an economically marginal group.

In fact, the general patterns of Gypsies are the opposite of Jews: a low-investment, low-IQ reproductive style characterized by higher fertility, earlier onset of sexual behavior and reproduction, more unstable pair bonds, higher rate of single parenting, shorter interval of birth spacing, higher infant mortality rate, and higher rate of survival of low birth weight infants.

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As we shall see, this formulation is very useful to Slezkine as he constructs his argument later in the book. In his attempt to paint with a very broad brush, Slezkine also ignores other real differences among the Mercurians, most notably, I would argue, the aggressiveness of the Jews compared to the relative passivity of the Overseas Chinese.

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We do not read of Chinese cultural movements disseminated in the major universities and media outlets that subject the traditional culture of Southeast Kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate and anti-Chinese sentiment kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate radical critique, or of Chinese organizations campaigning for the removal of native cultural and religious symbols from public places.

The following passage describing the political attitudes of the Overseas Chinese in Thailand could never have applied to Jews in Western societies since the Enlightenment: But few seem to know or indeed to care about the restrictions on citizenship, nationality rights, and political activities in general, nor are these restrictions given much publicity in the Chinese press.

This merely points up the fact, recognized by all observers, that the overseas Chinese are primarily concerned with making a living, or amassing a fortune, and thus take only a passive interest in the formal political life of the country in which they live. However, he ignores, or at least fails to spell out, the extent to which Jews have been willing agents of exploitative elites, not only in Western societies, but in the Muslim world as well.

Their role went far beyond performing tasks deemed inappropriate for the natives for religious reasons; rather they were often tasks at which natives would be relatively less ruthless in exploiting their fellows. On the church estates, he became the collector of all ecclesiastical dues, standing by the church door for his payment from tithe-payers, baptized infants, newly-weds, and mourners.

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On the [royal] estates…, he became in effect the Crown Agent, farming out the tolls, taxes, and courts, and adorning his oppressions with all the dignity of royal authority. Rather than being the willing agents of exploitative non-Jewish elites who were clearly separated from both the Sfaturi ușoare de sănătate pentru a pierde în greutate and the people they ruled, Jews became an entrenched part of an exploitative and oppressive elite in which group boundaries were blurred.

This has also occurred throughout Southeast Asia, because of competition from the Overseas Chinese. Instead, Slezkine sees Eastern Europeans, through stereotypic lenses, as quintessential Apollonians, some of whom became Mercurian modernists when forced to by circumstances, rather than as containing elements that would have naturally aspired to and competently performed the economic and cultural functions that instead came to be performed by Jews because of their ability to create ethnic monopolies in goods and services.

When Jews won the economic competition in early modern Poland, the result was that the great majority of Poles were reduced to the status of agricultural laborers supervised by Jewish estate managers in an economy in which trade, manufacturing, and artisanry were in large part controlled by Jews. As a result, when modernization occurred, it was accomplished with an indigenous middle class.

If, as in Eastern Europe, Jews had won the economic competition in most of these professions, there would not have been a non-Jewish middle class in England. Whatever one imagines might have been the fortunes and character of England with predominantly Jewish artisans, merchants, and manufacturers, it seems reasonable to suppose that the Christian taxpayers of England made a good investment in their own future when they agreed to pay King Edward I a kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate tax of £, in return kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate expelling two thousand Jews in Jews were excluded from traditional Russia apart from the Pale of Settlement, which included Ukraine, Lithuania, Byelorussia, Crimea, and part of Poland.

Germans manned the imperial bureaucracy, formed a large percentage of professionals, entrepreneurs, and artisans, were more literate than the Russians, and had a sense of cultural superiority and ethnic solidarity: And so they were, mutatis mutandis, head to the Russian heart, mind to the Russian soul, consciousness to Russian spontaneity.

Perhaps paradoxically, in light of what would happen in the twentieth century, Germans were, occupationally and conceptually, the Jews of ethnic Russia as well as much of Eastern Europe. Although the replacement of Germans by Jews was well under way by the time of the Bolshevik Revolution, a key consequence of the Revolution was the substitution of one Mercurian group, the Germans, kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate another, the Jews.

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The difference between the Jews and the Germans was that the Jews had a longstanding visceral antipathy, out of past historical grievances, both real and imagined, toward the people and culture they came to administer. In this respect, the Germans were far more like the Overseas Chinese, in that they became an elite without having an aggressively hostile attitude toward the people and culture they administered and dominated economically.

Thus when Jews achieved power in Russia, it was as kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate hostile elite with a deep sense of historic grievance. As a result, they became willing executioners of both the people and cultures they came to rule, including the Germans. After the Revolution, not only were the Germans replaced, but there was active suppression of any remnants of the older order and their descendants. Jews have always shown a tendency to rise because their kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate proclivities e.

In a letter intercepted by the secret police, the father of a student wrote that his son and their friends were about to be purged from the university because of their class origins.

The bourgeois elements alat slăbire perut the previous regime, including the ethnic Germans, would have no future.

Thus the mass murder of peasants and nationalists was combined with the systematic exclusion of the previously existing non-Jewish middle class. While all other nationalities, including Jews, were allowed and encouraged to keep their ethnic identities, the revolution remained kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate anti-majoritarian movement. Slezkine is aware of the biological reality of kinship and ethnicity, but he steadfastly pursues a cultural determinist model.

Each is characterized by internal cohesion and external strangeness, the traits Slezkine deems essential, but there are also kinship connections and a genetic divide between themselves and surrounding peoples. Cultural badges of group membership and a culturally generated ideology of kin-group membership are age-old ways of cementing kinship groups and setting up barriers that mark real biological differences—the evolved psychology described by modern research in social identity theory.

De ce cântarul vă arată un număr mai mare și nu este vorba de grăsime

Moreover, Slezkine underestimates the power of ethnocentrism as a unifying factor in Jewish history. This is most apparent in his discussion of Israel, which he describes as a radical departure from the Jewish tradition, because Israel is a quintessentially Apollonian kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate.

Long after Western societies had rejected ethnic nationalism: Israel continued to live in the European s: only Israel still belonged to the eternally young, worshiped athleticism and inarticulateness, celebrated combat and secret kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate, promoted hiking and scouting, despised doubt and introspection, embodied the seamless unity of the chosen, and rejected most traits traditionally associated with Jewishness….

Elicopterul dispărut în Marea Ionică: Corpul unei victime a fost identificat, cinci militari încă sunt daţi dispăruţi Operaţiunile de căutare şi salvare, coordonate de centrul de salvare maritim italian în parteneriat cu Grecia, Canada, SUA şi Turcia, au continuat în noaptea de joi spere vineri. Cu toţii sunt nişte eroi", a adăugat Trudeau. Cele cinci persoane dispărute sunt căpitanii Brenden Ian MacDonald şi Kevin Hagen, ambii piloţi, căpitanul Maxime Miron-Morin, ofiţer specialist în sisteme de luptă aeriene, Matthew Pyke, ofiţer de război naval şi caporalul-şef Matthew Cousins, operator de sisteme de detectoare electronice aeropurtate. Setarile tale privind cookie-urile nu permit afisarea continutul din aceasta sectiune.

But Israelis certainly did not reject traditional Jewish ethnocentrism and sense of peoplehood. Slezkine portrays Israelis as simply choosing to be ethnocentric nationalists, but ethnocentrism like intelligence is a biological system, not a lifestyle choice, and traditional Diaspora Jews were certainly deeply and intensely ethnocentric above all else. In fact, however, the creation and maintenance of the culture of the Holocaust and kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate special moral claims of Jews and Israel are the result of Jewish ethnic activism.

For example, the immigration restrictionists of the s unabashedly asserted the right of European-derived peoples to the land they had conquered and settled. Americans of northern European descent in the United States thought of themselves kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate part of a cultural and ethnic heritage extending backward in time to the founding of the country, and writers like Madison Grant The Passing of the Great Race and Lothrop Stoddard The Rising Tide of Color against White World Supremacy had a large public following.

At that time both academia and mainstream culture believed in the reality of race; that there were important differences between the races, including in intelligence and moral character; and that races naturally competed for land and other resources. Die Juden sind unser Unglück! This act of intellectual gymnastics depends on the following analogy: Jews act as an ethnically based tribe within societies, seeing non-Jews as strangers; Europeans establish tribal nation-states while behaving as individualists within their societies seeing other Europeans as strangers.

The sweeping conclusion: Jews are the progenitors therefore of both aspects of modernity: economic individualism and the ethnically based nation-state. In the hands of messianically inclined Apollonians, it turned lethal—especially to the Mercurians.

Slezkine fails to provide any evidence that there is anything but a hazy and forced logical connection between European individualism and the Jewish role as a Diaspora people living among strangers. The reality is that by becoming individualists, Western Europeans returned to distinctive roots buried in their primeval past,24 whereas Judaism, because of its kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate seated tribalism, was widely regarded by Enlightenment intellectuals as an outmoded relic.

Even in the modern world, the tribal approach of the Jews in economic enterprises employs ethnic kinship as a central component, whereas the individualistic approach of the Europeans sees this as illegitimate p.

The bottom line is that it is ridiculous to claim that Jews are individualists because they treat outsiders as individuals while acknowledging that they retain a powerful ingroup consciousness and are masters of ethnic networking. It is no stretch at all, however, to show that Jews have achieved a preeminent position in Europe and America, and Slezkine provides us with statistics of Jewish domination only dimly hinted at in the following examples from Europe in the late nineteenth century to the rise of National Socialism.

Similar massive overrepresentation was also to be found in educational attainment and among professionals e. Their only sin was that their love of cultural icons transcended national and ethnic boundaries in an age of popular nationalism—for example, their promotion of German culture among kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate Czechs, Latvians, and Romanians. 10 sfaturi pentru arderea grăsimilor this is far from the whole story.

Jews were not simply lovers of Pushkin and Goethe. Slezkine fails to provide any evidence at all for this claim, and in fact there is overwhelming evidence that it is false. Slezkine correctly views both of these as Jewish ideologies functioning as organized religions, with sacred texts promising deliverance from earthly travail.

While most of his book recounts the emergence of a Jewish elite under the banner of Marxism in the Soviet Union, his comments on psychoanalysis bear mentioning. The establishment of the Explicitly Therapeutic State was much aided by yet another Jewish intellectual movement, the Frankfurt School, which combined psychoanalysis and Marxism.

Slezkine is entirely correct that Marxism, psychoanalysis, and the Frankfurt School were fundamentally Jewish intellectual movements. Communism was good for Jews and Jews flourished under communism as if it had been tailor-made for them.

As Slezkine himself notes, Jews were the only group that was not criticized by the revolutionary movement, even though most Russians … had very negative attitudes toward Jews. His attempts to explain this cover some familiar ground: Jewish intellectual opposition to the status quo resulting from their marginal social status Thorsten Veblen ; Jewish leftism as a secular, universalized form of traditional Jewish messianism and rationalism in which Jewish leftists are descendents of the Old Testament prophets calling for social justice Lev Shternberg, dean of Soviet anthropologists ; Jewish Communists as recreating kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate Jewish culture forms—especially scriptural interpretation and intense teacher-student relationships—in a Communist setting historian Jaff Schatz.

The rest would kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate to go. Ah, yes. All else—the people and the culture—would have to go, by mass murder if necessary. But rather than see this as an aspect of traditional Jewish hatred for non-Jews and kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate culture, souped up and rationalized with a veneer of Marxism, Slezkine explains these radicals as enlightened Mercurians who wished to destroy the old culture except for a few classics of modern literature.

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We may give thanks to know that Shakespeare would have survived the revolution. Slezkine states categorically that Kopelev did not identify as a Jew, but his own material indicates the complexity of the matter. But of course many of his close associates were ethnic Jews, and he shed kevin mcdonald pierdere în greutate tears for the Ukrainian and Russian peasants and nationalists who were murdered in the name of international socialism even as he mourned the loss of Jews murdered because they were Jews.

Russian patriotism had suddenly become useful—much as, I would argue, harnessing the patriotism and high regard for military service among Americans has been useful for Jewish neoconservatives eager to rearrange the politics of the Middle East in the interests of Israel.

Ideology is a wonderfully effective instrument in the service of self-deception or deception. Probably more typical of the Jewish identity of the Bolsheviks is the account of Vitaly Rubin, a prominent philosopher and an ethnic Jew, who recounted his career at a top Moscow school in the s where over half the students were Jewish: Understandably, the Jewish question did not arise there.